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See Your Name in Print: How to Get Your Work Published

By Kathy Wall Why do some businesses get media attention and others don’t? Is it because those getting coverage in the press are somehow better? The answer is yes, but probably not in the way you imagine. The product and services those businesses...

5 Tips to Make Virtual Design Consultations a Success

By Taryn Pearce Online interior design services were seeing an uptick in popularity before COVID-19, but the pandemic and resulting shutdown have made them a crucial part of any designer’s toolkit. Designers eager to add this service need to keep in...

3 Ways Trade Publications Impact Your Inbound Marketing & Generate Leads

Not too long ago, trade magazines used to be the only way for window covering professionals to learn about the latest developments in a field. Thanks to the distribution of information on the internet and social media, these professionals now have...

Top 8 Time-Tested Strategies to Generate Leads for B2B

As a business to business vendor, you can’t expect to set up shop and have your customers come directly to you… Most of the executives and key decision makers who you’re trying to reach will be busy, and most likely won’t get back to your messages...

How to Build Consumer Demand Beyond Your Direct Buyers

As a business owner, you might be led to believe that the target audience for your marketing campaigns are the people who buy from you directly.While that may be true if there’s no 3rd party anywhere in your supply chain, this is almost never the...

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