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custom window treatment for a bathroom

Bathroom Curtains: Not Just for Windows

Photo provided by Brenda Hite Baxter Diana Apgar with Decorating Den Interiors believes every room needs window treatments, but they play an especially important role in bathrooms. There is a real need for privacy in...

How to Experiment Without Fear of Failure

How to Experiment Without Fear of Failure

By Jay Steinfeld What is it about experimentation that is so easy to accept intellectually but so hard to do psychologically? It’s the fear of failing. Sure, Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before finding the right...

Setting Up Your Dream Workroom

By Kathryn Dillon I love the ability to use textiles to create something beautiful as well as functional for our homes, and many of us stumble into starting a workroom for this very reason. Entering the workroom...

video marketing

How to Tell Your Story Using Video

By Jude Charles “Why should I do business with you versus any and every other option available to me?” That’s the No. 1 question on your customers’ minds before they ever call you or send off an inquiry email. Never...

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