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Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Window Treatment Installer? (Part 1)

By Roger Magalhaes In order to become a great window treatment installer, you need to check a few boxes. It is more complex than you may think. I see many people calling themselves window treatment installers, but to me, they are far from it because...

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Covering Installers’ Vehicle

By Roger Magalhaes Buying a working vehicle is a big investment and should not be rushed. Besides the large financial commitment, there are specific needs that the new company car should fulfill. Our industry is very unique and employs everyone from...

Where Can You Find a Good Window Treatment Installer?

By Roger Magalhaes “Where can I find a good window covering installer?” This is a question I get asked frequently—and even more so since the pandemic started. Most window treatment professionals have been working extra hours because of the influx of...

Window Covering Retailers and Installers: Ride the New Wave of Smart-Home Technology

By Roger Magalhaes By now, every major manufacturer on the market offers automated window coverings. By the same token, virtually every type of window treatment has its automated version as well. Some manufacturers use third-party components such as...

Tricks of the Trade: Details Matter

By Roger Magalhaes A large portion of the custom window treatment industry is dedicated to discretionary income: Getting consumers with money to spend on things they want versus things they need. For that reason, these consumers can be very...


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