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How to Become a Motorized Installation Senstation

Motorized window treatments have become increasingly popular, offering convenience, style and energy efficiency to homeowners. As an installer, the process of installing motorized window coverings requires a few extra steps compared to traditional...

Increase Your Bandwidth on Bluetooth

How motorized window coverings utilize this tech, plus its benefits and challenges

TEXTON Partners With Rollease Acmeda for Exterior Zipscreen Installation

Zipscreen shading system elevates outdoor spaces  Living in the northern United States, winter can linger for as long as six months. So, when the warm weather finally returns (for some, “warm” is anything above 40 degrees), northerners are ready to...

Is Outdoor Installation for You?

As the weather gets warmer, people have a tendency to enjoy the outdoors more. Adding to this is the fact that during the pandemic eating outdoors was the only way restaurants could serve their patrons. Almost three years later, many restaurants...

MATTER: A New Window of Opportunity

By Jop Vos Who Are the Brains Behind It?  Matter was created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). This 400-plus member group of tech companies includes all the big names such as Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon. The members have been...


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