Window Fashion VISION

Mechanical Specifications

Photography: High-quality images and photography play a key role in making VISION editorials so appealing to our visually minded audience of design professionals. The most appealing images show a room setting with a focus on the window fashion, although when appropriate we will consider product shots in isolation. Images must be unique, not have been previously used in advertising, collateral, sampling, or other printed material. Images must be in digital format, which should be 300 dpi or larger at 100%.

Labeling Materials: All materials submitted to VISION for publication will become the property of VISION and will not be returned. Please make sure to create duplicate copies of your materials before you submit them for publication, and label them with your company name, contact information, and the project/article for which they are intended, so they are properly identified while being processed

Crediting Photos: For each submitted image, include a description and printout, if applicable, of the product plus any additional information that should accompany the image, including the name of the photographer

Specifications: All images must be digitally captured, and presented on media compatible with the Macintosh platform

Printing & Binding: VISION magazine is printed on a web offset four-color press and perfect bound. Covers are sheet fed.

Two-Color Mechanicals: To run a matched PMS color requires VISION to run a fifth color. A charge of $500 will be billed to the advertiser. Two-color ads without screens can be shot to closest match four-color process at no charge

Digital Mechanicals: VISION magazine accepts digital ads for run of book in the following Macintosh specifications.

  • Media – Digital media and digital images must be 300 dpi or greater.
  • Types of Files – All finished ad files must be submitted as high-resolution PDFs, with crop marks.
  • Software – All fonts and artwork must be embedded in the PDF at 100% scale. Fonts converted to outline.

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