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Roller Shades for Very Large Openings

One of the fastest-growing trends I am seeing in the new home construction and renovation industry is the creation of very large patio openings, mainly multi-panel sliding or folding glass doors.   Not that long ago, having a 12-foot-wide sliding...


The continued demand by homeowners to better utilize their homes’ outdoor spaces has created the need to provide more effective shading solutions. Rollease Acmeda has been very successful with its outdoor shading products that allow for the creation... is Now Supplyed! has officially rebranded to Supplyed in an effort to streamline digital operations and further improve the overall customer experience. We are putting a large focus on bringing our business online and making the purchasing process...

The Latest in Rechargeable Motorization Systems

By O’D McKewan This article will take a deeper dive in the very specific category of rechargeable battery-powered systems for motorized window treatments. I state “systems” because there are different ways to utilize rechargeable...

To Plug In or Not to Plug In

By O’D McKewan Part two of this year’s “Motorization Playbook” series examines the three main choices for power supplies In this article, we will be taking a look at the differences between the three main choices of power...


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Cordless roller shade from Comfortex

Cutting the Cord

Whether consumers are seeking safety, convenience or just a great-looking window covering, cordless window coverings are a great option—and a booming category. If you’ve ever heard hype about cordless shades being an...

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