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FastTrack Certification

Learn a New Skill With WFCP Online Certification Classes Now $500 Off!

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FastTRACK Motorization Specialist Certification Program | On-Demand

O’D McKewan teaches motorization like nobody else!  You’ll be able to confidently add motors to every project exponentially increasing your income!


FastTRACK Design Specialist Certification Program | On-Demand

Cheryl Meiklejohn wrote the book “Details Behind the Design” and knows every aspect of window fashions. She will teach you to confidently specify the right solutions for your clients.


FastTRACK Installation Specialist Certification Program | On-Demand

Learn from Master Installer, Roger Magalhaes the important aspects of installing every treatment for the window!  Roger shares his years of experience and tricks to the trade! Eight recorded sessions will teach you everything you need to know!


FastTRACK Color Specialist Certification Program | On-Demand

JoAnne Lenart Weary knows how color consultations get your client interested in working with you and add extra income!


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