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Rollease Acmeda Joins List of Residential AERC-Certified Products

Qualified roller shade fabrics allow homeowners an energy efficiency opportunity to reduce HVAC and lighting costs by leveraging natural daylight through manual and motorized solutions. (STAMFORD, CT – JULY 22, 2021) – The Attachments Energy...

High Point Market Update: Trends to Delight Your Clients

By Melissa Galt
The spring High Point Market made evident the impact COVID-19 has had on interior and home furnishing trends. Here are a few you can capitalize on with your clients. 

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Window Treatment Installer? (Part 2)

By Roger Magalhaes Last month, we started a discussion about what it takes to be an outstanding professional window treatment installer. This month, I have four more tips for how you can go from being someone who can screw in a window bracket to a...

20 Under 40 Awards Now Accepting Applications

Window Fashion VISION is now accepting nominations for its second Window Fashion VISION 20 Under 40 Awards. The program is open to professionals in any part of the window treatment industry, including interior designers, workrooms, installers...

The Latest in Rechargeable Motorization Systems

By O’D McKewan This article will take a deeper dive in the very specific category of rechargeable battery-powered systems for motorized window treatments. I state “systems” because there are different ways to utilize rechargeable batteries...

VISION Design and Workroom Competition Awards Announces Winners

VISION Design and Workroom Competition Awards announces winners  St. Paul, Minn.—The annual VISION Design + Workroom Competition Awards, sponsored by Window Fashion VISION magazine, announced the winners of the annual contest in an online ceremony...


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Awning trends for 2021

The past year has seen droves of Americans shift their entertaining and family time outside to comply with social distancing guidelines. With this trend, demand for all kinds of shading systems—but, more specifically...

Framing the Conversation

The case for whether window covering professionals need to pay attention to shutters is pretty open and shut. “The shutter industry is a $600 million dollar business and is estimated to grow to $800 million by 2022,”...

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All the Rage in the Outdoors

It’s no secret that interest in outdoor living has grown tremendously since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. People in hot locations are installing swimming pools, those in colder climates have been...

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How Leaders Handle Hard Conversations

By LuAnn Nigara LuAnn Nigara Owning a business often feels like you are the lead clown in a circus act. You know what I mean: “In the center ring, we have Joe the Clown and the amazing spinning plates trick!” When you...

Make your income grow by getting your pricing right

Get Your Pricing Right for Success

By Michele Williams My phone rings and my email explodes at the beginning of the year and around tax season. Why? Everyone is in tax preparation High Point mode and is looking at their financials and wondering how to...

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Bathroom Curtains: Not Just for Windows

Photo provided by Brenda Hite Baxter Diana Apgar with Decorating Den Interiors believes every room needs window treatments, but they play an especially important role in bathrooms. There is a real need for privacy in...

How to Experiment Without Fear of Failure

How to Experiment Without Fear of Failure

By Jay Steinfeld What is it about experimentation that is so easy to accept intellectually but so hard to do psychologically? It’s the fear of failing. Sure, Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before finding the right...

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