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Design Harmony: Design’s Influence on Health and Wellness

By Mike Peterson The workplace thrives with Design Harmony. The medical community prescribes Design Harmony. Nations around the world emphasize Design Harmony. Designers, it’s time that you, too, get credit for creating the health and wellness...

Self-Care Strategies for Window Fashion Professionals

Self-care is a big buzzword right now. To go beyond the hype and understand what it is and how it can help interior designers, Window Fashion VISION talked to Dr. Robyn Gobin, author of the book “The Self-Care Prescription.” Window Fashion VISION:...

Roman Shades: Comparing Different Headrail Systems

By Kathryn Dillon October is National Window Covering Safety Month, and as I Googled information about child safety regarding corded window treatments, I was shocked at how many kids under the age of six are injured annually. Dr. Gary Smith, the...

Design Consultations: 1 Answer to the On-Demand Economy

By Rebecca West, Seriously Happy Homes If you’re feeling frustrated by the on-demand culture created by HGTV and Amazon, or if you’ve felt discouraged by clients shopping around you and undercutting your markup, I have good news! It’s not all doom...

The Wait is Almost Over!

Grab an exclusive sneak peek of our November/December issue of Window Fashion VISION! You will get the first look at plans for the 2020 International Window Coverings Expo, March 25 to 27 in Charlotte. Discover several exciting new speakers in our...

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