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As a leader in advanced technology with innovative design, Current Luxury’s mission is clear: to refine everyday items using advanced technology, adding a touch of elegance and seamless convenience into the daily lives of their customers. Committed to maintaining the highest standards in their products and customer service, their main goal is to create the most significant benefits possible. “The passion and core of our business is innovation,” shared Ed Slatton, vice president of marketing and sales. 

Current Luxury LivingroomThe driving force for Current Luxury’s business approach is its founder and visionary, Willis Mullet, who has been a leader in the industry for decades through his innovative designs and products. “Our products are born from fresh perspectives and ideas, then honed to finished products through rigorous renderings, engineered drawings, conceptional parts, testing, beta sites, failures and successes. The end of this relentless process is the elegant products you see today in our dealer’s showrooms and, ultimately, a customer’s home or business,” Slatton explained.  

The priority at Current Luxury has always been to offer world-class products through design and manufacturing. Hence why they set some big goals this year to ensure dealer and consumer experience matched their product offering. “One of our objectives was to create a new website experience that was multifaceted, providing visuals and learning tools for consumers to assist in driving customers to our dealers. We also modernized our dealer locator, making it easier than ever for a consumer to find the authorized dealer within their area; this updated tool also includes the website, email, phone number and intuitive mapping. We committed to increasing the dealer experience by creating a resource center exclusively for our dealers, providing them with everything they will ever need for success, including sales brochures, media assets for marketing, spec sheets, pricing guides and installation videos, as well as troubleshooting. We are always satisfied when our dealers call us but understand sometimes dealers are working after hours, and our hope is this provides immediate resources at their fingertips,” described Slatton. Current Luxury has also bolstered its social media presence to share and educate followers on our family of products for the future.  


Current Luxury SilenTracAs an innovation company, Current Luxury proudly offers the SilenTrac motorized drapery track. This is the latest in-home innovation with effortless opening and closing of draperies. Open and closure choices range from manual, manual assist, motorized and motorized ready. The unique technology prevents delicate drapery from being accidentally damaged from catching and pulling (Curtain Saver). Control methods include manual control, pendant control, Smart Assist, handheld remote control, Current Touch (capacitive touch) remote control, and light and temperature sensor control (with sensor box). With Zigbee tracks, there is also phone app control, voice control and third-party integration. Power options include alkaline, lithium-ion, low voltage wall plug and hardwired. Power supplies are housed in the pendant and are interchangeable.  


You can instantly add style and grace to a space with the Revolve Drapery System. With options for traditional or motorized and single or dual arrays, the result is a perfect fit. This system can be integrated with Alexa and Siri, as well as other third-party apps, and an optional remote is available for purchase. Current Luxury’s innovative anti-pulling safety feature is built into each curtain to help protect delicate fabrics. Revolve curtains link your life to your schedule. Grooved spirals present an elegant aesthetic while providing a motorized means to drive the draperies open and closed. Revolve is available with seven control options and four power options and in formed, fluted and smooth finishes. Motorized options are available only for formed rods; the manual version is compatible with all finishes. 


New to the Current Luxury family product line is their Helux Solar Motorized Umbrella, the first solar-powered motorized umbrella. The Helux utilizes renewable energy through our patented solar technology, eliminating the need to charge the lithium-ion battery. Available in 9-, 10- and 11-foot canopies sized to fit medium- to large-size outdoor spaces, the double-vented canopy with high-quality yarn-dyed fabric reduces fading degradation. The Wi-Fi motor allows quick and easy integration; it is designed to be operated with the app, smart home devices, a remote and the manual push button on the motor housing. It is constructed with 1½” rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum and eight ½”-diameter flexible fiberglass rods for enhanced integrity in the wind. This umbrella also comes standard with a wind detection system that automatically closes your umbrella in high winds. You have a choice of seven canopy color options. 

Their Helux Manual Umbrella operates the rib assembly, which is counterbalanced with Easy Lift for effortless opening and closing. No more hand-cranking or pin assembly, simply twist to unlock the position and the umbrella will begin to open, leaving you to twist the pole and lock it into position. This umbrella also closes effortlessly. It has the same construction attributes as the motorized version, including frame and canopy colorways. This is available with black or white assembly. 

The Bootsie Chair is an industry-first offering of learning innovation in an outdoor folding chair perfect for any setting. This patented design allows you to adjust the back tension on your chair while providing the perfect lumbar support. This is a self-locking chair, which eliminates the possibility of it closing as you get up from the chair. This chair will accommodate any size, offering a comfortable experience at any event. The frame comprises 22mm diameter 2mm gauge tubular aircraft grade aluminum. Rivets are made of stainless steel that resists degradation due to outdoor weather. Welds are strong nonporous, designed and manufactured to pressure vessel standards with no-slip non-marking POM material feet. 

Current Luxury’s design, innovation and manufacturing is based in Pensacola, Florida. They encourage all dealers to schedule a tour and meet the team. Stay tuned as they continue to innovate and introduce new product announcements. To learn more, visit 

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