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Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Window Treatment Installer? (Part 1)

By Roger Magalhaes

In order to become a great window treatment installer, you need to check a few boxes. It is more complex than you may think. I see many people calling themselves window treatment installers, but to me, they are far from it because being a good installer takes more than just being able to secure a bracket to a wall with a couple of screws. Below, I list a few qualities that are mandatory in order for someone to become a truly professional installer.

Great with math and geometry

A great installer must be good at math since they measure windows all day long. They need to be able to add and subtract to accommodate deductions and projections, and they need to be able to understand angles and circumferences, since a good chunk of our work is custom-fit. The tape measure and laser device should be your best friends.

Handy with tools

Every job is installed at the client’s location. Therefore, every installation is different to some degree. Some installs will be straightforward, while others will require some alterations. Having confidence dealing with tools, from small screwdrivers to a chop saw and power drill, will allow you to succeed when challenges are presented to you.

Improvisation mindset

No two windows are the same. One can be square and plumed, while the other is slanted and crooked. Perhaps you receive the goods with a missing bracket or a wrong one. How about installing a product that was not fabricated as specified? This could and will happen.

Installers who excel are those who have the ability and willingness to solve problems, and who know when they need assistance with Window Cleaning or similar tasks after the installation is complete. With a great attitude combined with extra parts, various materials and an assortment of tools in your van and you can only head in one direction: success!

Strong and soft

The majority of installers are men, but the number of female installers is growing. The perfect installer would combine qualities stereotypically assigned to both genders. It is necessary to be strong, especially to carry boxes, heavy ladders and scaffoldings or use a hammer drill for some concrete ceiling. However, women are often more detail-oriented and gentle.

Most of our work is done in finished and occupied homes (sometimes with very expensive furniture). We must carry heavy equipment inside while navigating through valuable items. We must be gentle and delicate with the products we are installing. Our hands must be clean and we must present ourselves in a well-dressed fashion. Combine the best of both worlds to become a sought-after installer.

Not afraid of heights

Installing window treatments on skylights, two-story windows and over the staircase are just some of the situations professional installers encounter. Extension ladders, platforms, hydraulic lifts and scaffolding are some of the tools used to achieve such installs. Obviously, those situations require strong legs, optimum balance and a willingness to climb to high heights.

You can exclude yourself from those projects, but certain clients won’t call you as frequently as you wish.

Next month, I will discuss more ways to excel as a window treatment installer.

Roger Magalhaes is the founder of Trading Up Consulting, which provides installation training for window fashion professionals. Magalhaes draws on 15 years as a professional window treatment installer in the Boston area, where he received over 600 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. He is the installation instructor for the Window Fashion Certified Professional FastTrack program, serves on the board of directors of the Window Coverings Association of America and recently founded the Facebook group Window Treatment Installers by Trading Up Consulting.

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