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Finding Money in the Couch Cushions

By Madeleine MacRae Pandemic or not, there is one huge opportunity that most window covering dealers neglect. Consider this scenario: You are an owner/operator and your close rate is in the 70 percent range and you’re...

A Window into the World

Pierre Frey has been producing exceptionally strong travel-inspired collections for the past several years, and January’s 2020 collection is perhaps the most impressive yet. Rêveries Orientales features influences from...

Have You Had Your Breakdown Yet?

By Vita Vygovska Have you had your breakdown yet? I have. It came on April 7, about three weeks into the coronavirus-related shutdown (at least in Pennsylvania, where I live). Everything was OK. Well, nothing really was...

In Tech We Trust?

By Susan Schultz Photo courtesy of Current Products Corp We are in the midst of a seismic paradigm shift when it comes to technology in our homes. The emergence of 5G wireless networks has many companies already touting...

Find Your Brand Personality

We don’t drive cars, we drive BMWs. We don’t stop for coffee, we stop for Starbucks. We wear Armani and carry Dolce&Gabbana. We sip on Belvedere or Grey Goose. We don’t drink water, we drink Evian or Fiji. If the...

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