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Market leader Coulisse fully compliant with new safety standards  

New Safety Standards Coming En Force 

The Window Coverings Association of America is providing the window treatment industry with changes to the U.S. Cord Standards that are likely to go into effect very soon. The new safety standards, which will be enforced by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, states that operating cords on custom window coverings must meet the identical requirements for operating cords on stock window coverings, as set forth in 2018. For Coulisse, a global window covering brand, compliance to these standards in a nonissue. It is continuing to develop shading solutions that comply with all child safety standards now and in the future.    

Being Proactive 

Coulisse is a market leader in Canada and already complies to its strict safety regulations. “Safety has and always will be of paramount importance to us. We design window treatment solutions from the ground up with both performance and safety in mind,” said Coulisse Managing Director Jop Vos. “We ensure our products comply to the industry standards across the world and we are completely ready for the new standards coming into force in the Americas very soon.”  

Safety Key To Design 

All Coulisse Absolute systems are designed to be child-safe, including its control: twin pull, cordless and MotionBlinds smart technology that are all suitable for the application of roller, double roller and cellular shades. These systems are not only child- and pet-safe to prevent any unnecessary accidents, but they also are designed to offer so much more. “Based on years of experience and global trends, Coulisse’s team of passionate engineers develop modular shading solutions which are smart, safe, stylish and user-friendly to ensure a perfect fit for any interior for the commercial, residential and hospitality market,” said Vos. “Elaborated to the finest details, Coulisse’s range of hardware is available in different designs, materials and various colors to create a seamless interior.” 


Future-Proof With MotionBlinds 

Coulisse’s advanced systems feature MotionBlinds smart technology that is compliant with all new safety standards. “Our smart motors for blinds and shades are doing what they were designed to do making life easier, safer and more convenient. This makes our technology a must for any smart home ecosystem,” said Vos. “Designed with simplicity and connectivity, our smart motors may be connected to any smart home device that is already talking to the home’s thermostats, security cameras, weather stations and sensors to ensure the home is fully protected, as well as constantly creating an optimal indoor climate. The ongoing movement of the window treatments not only prevents break-ins by making a home look like it is inhabited, but it also controls heat and light in order to create a happy, healthy and energy-efficient space to live.”  

Advanced Systems, Smart Technology, Performance Fabrics 

Coulisse offers a total solution of inspiring collections, advanced systems and MotionBlinds smart technology. With a talented in-house design studio and a cutting-edge R&D department, the experts at Coulisse offer a seamless operation from concept to production. “Our systems are designed to work perfectly with our collections customized for the Americas. These iconic collections of roller, double roller and ¾-inch honeycomb fabrics have been ingeniously designed with beauty, performance and sustainability in mind,” said Vos. “From must-have classics to luxurious statement pieces, our high-performance fabrics offer ways to improve thermal, visual and acoustic comfort. They are also available with flame-retardant options.” 

 Miami Experience Center 

This year, Coulisse opened its new 50,000-square-foot office, showroom and warehouse facility in Miami, FL. Housing its latest collections, hardware and technology, this center is the go-to place for fabricators. “With a strong and dedicated team of passionate experts who are at the core of the window covering business, we are always going the extra mile to give our partners the inspiration, products, knowledge and support they need,” said Vos. “We look forward to welcoming our clients to our experience center, where they can take a deep dive into our future-proof smart shading solutions.” Book a visit by scanning the QR code. 3100 NW 116th St., Miami, 

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