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High Point Market Update: Trends to Delight Your Clients

By Melissa Galt
The spring High Point Market made evident the impact COVID-19 has had on interior and home furnishing trends. Here are a few you can capitalize on with your clients. 

Threads, Cording and Other Products for Fabricating Outdoor Furnishings

By Kathryn Dillon Many years ago, a good friend asked me to repair his boat cushions for him, and I thought, “Why not?” I thought outdoor cushions would be similar to other indoor cushion projects, so it seemed easy enough. I cannot remember all the...

All the Rage in the Outdoors

It’s no secret that interest in outdoor living has grown tremendously since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. People in hot locations are installing swimming pools, those in colder climates have been installing space heaters and...

Bathroom Curtains: Not Just for Windows

Photo provided by Brenda Hite Baxter Diana Apgar with Decorating Den Interiors believes every room needs window treatments, but they play an especially important role in bathrooms. There is a real need for privacy in these spaces. In addition...

Cutting the Cord

Whether consumers are seeking safety, convenience or just a great-looking window covering, cordless window coverings are a great option—and a booming category. If you’ve ever heard hype about cordless shades being an inferior product, throw it out...


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The Wonderful World of Wood Window Treatments

Trends may come and go, but one thing is certain: Wood window treatments are here to stay. This enduring class of window coverings offers beautiful aesthetics and terrific function. Wood treatments are widely available...


Insolroll: 40 Years of Excellence

For a recent project, Insolroll and a design firm worked with a client who wanted shades for sun control and privacy at their urban residence but didn’t want a closed-in feeling. The designer came up with a concept to...

A Window into the World

Pierre Frey has been producing exceptionally strong travel-inspired collections for the past several years, and January’s 2020 collection is perhaps the most impressive yet. Rêveries Orientales features influences from...

All in the Family

Working with a family member can be the best thing in the world or a chance for long-standing tensions to come up at work, not just around the dinner table. Fortunately for Sharon Falcher and Sherica Maynard, owners of...

Vita Vygovska, owner of Vitalia, Inc. Window Treatments


To say that these are unprecedented times in our lives is an understatement. Who would have ever thought that we, arguably the busiest people on the planet, can lock ourselves inside our homes, practice physical...

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