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Author - Sophia Bennett, Editor in Chief of Window Fashion VISION

The Leading Edge of Safety

By Alia Akkam Eight years ago, when her usual load of luxury commercial and residential projects had dwindled as a result of the economic downturn, Karen Goelst started to think more ambitiously about expanding her...

A Vision for High-End Homes

From her office in Detroit’s northern suburbs, Reem Akkad with Reem Akkad Design works on homes many designers can only dream of: places with lofty interiors and beautiful details, owned by people with big budgets and a...

Seeking Authenticity

By Jana Platina Phipps We are having an awakening in design as people everywhere seek authenticity. Consumers are increasingly acknowledging the ever-rising social and environmental costs of “cheap goods” and want to...

King of Color

A girl’s bedroom in the Flatiron District designed by Rayman Boozer. The curtain fabric is Lily Pulitzer from Lee Jofa. The wallpaper is by Flat Vernacular, and the headboard and pillows are custom-made. In 1998, Time...

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