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The Colors the COVID-19 Pandemic Brought

By Charmaine Wynter

After a year spent indoors, people in our society are emerging ready to embrace life to its fullest. With this new appreciation for the sights, sounds and textures that people associate with human connection, we are celebrating everything sensory.

That sense of joie de vivre is spilling over into our homes. Top interior designers and home-industry retailers are stocking up on the vivid, bold and bright because color is back! Experts are showcasing a much wider array of color options in textiles for windows and upholstery than in recent years. Our appreciation for intense, daring and deep color is at an all-time high.

Color can and does manipulate our sense of a room’s space. Because of that, utilizing these rich new hues can be tricky and should be approached with some forethought. If a client isn’t ready for saturated color everywhere, try adding it in small bits with trims on curtains and bedspreads, toss pillows, area rugs or art. Another option is to add a bright hue to the fifth wall (the ceiling), which can elevate a space and bring a fun and unexpected bit of extra visual interest.

Here are three colors I expect to see more of post-pandemic.

Yellow and other warm colors  

You can anticipate seeing spicy hues of cinnamon, curry, mustard and saffron as they make a welcome entrance in velvet, mohair and velour.

Furniture in yellow and other warm colors

Ocean-inspired greens and blues

Today’s color story continues into a cool palette of sea foam, teal and deep shades of blue and green to create a treasure trove of opulent, ocean-like colors.

Furniture in blue and other ocean-inspired colors

Jewel tones

It’s safe to say you cannot go wrong with a kaleidoscope of on-trend jewel-tone hues such as red, orange, pink and purple. These shades perfectly enhance the dramatic brassy gold metallic finishes we are seeing on furniture legs and wall décor, and they provide elegance and contemporary style to a space.

furniture in jewel tones

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