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High Point Market Update: Trends to Delight Your Clients

By Melissa Galt

The spring High Point Market made evident the impact COVID-19 has had on office interior and home furnishing trends. Here are a few you can capitalize on with your clients.

Color me happy

There is a sense of optimism present with the release of restrictions and hope that the pandemic will come to an end. Color is a big trend. Whether it’s decking walls in bold wallcoverings, dressing a sofa or chair in vibrant fabric, or including happy accents, color lifts our spirits and makes us smile. (At left: Rug design by with Kurt Jacob Miller and Lukas Mack for Alden Parks)

Sustainable is sexy

Mother Nature was our refuge during this crisis, and now we’re bringing her gifts and materials inside our homes more than ever before. Sustainability is a priority, along with ethical sourcing. We crave a feeling of wellness that comes from surrounding ourselves with organic materials and being kinder to the world that has been healing as we stayed home.

Wallcoverings are back

Pattern and color reign, whether it’s in a new traditional look, maximalist scheme or modern graffiti. Wallcoverings aren’t always permanent either. Today, there are a wealth of “temporary” papers that go up much like contact paper but can be removed and replaced with ease when you have a mood change. (At left and top photo: Gray Malin for temporary wallpaper)

Mural paper transports us

This is beyond wallcoverings. Instead, it is about creating the illusion of another time and another world. We’ve not been able to travel, so we want to surround ourselves with the look and feel of places that inspire and intrigue us. From the extraordinary pieces in Michelle Nussbaumer’s new Wanderlust collection for Paul Montgomery (right) or the brand-new collection by Fenwick Bartel with coordinating fabrics, there’s a mural option for every taste.

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Sectional sofas are bringing us closer

Every upholstery showroom at High Point Market seemed to have multiple sectionals and many scaled to accommodate six to 10 people. With all the social distancing we’ve done, it appears that within family units and bubbles of friends we want to be closer than ever. Home entertainment also skyrocketed during this time, and what better way to watch than curled comfortably on a sectional with family.

Flexible functionality features

Previously the domain of studio apartment dwellers and cozy home spaces, room dividers are experiencing a resurgence. Interiors today often have to serve multiple functions, including home office and home schooling on top of dining, sleeping and living. Whether you want a solid look or something more transparent, your options to divide space creatively and flexibly are expanding exponentially.

Decorative books make a bold statement

The wave of remote working and the need for home offices has spurred the decorative book trade. Many homebound CEOs made a mad dash online for books to fill their shelves so they’d look like the leader they are and creatives used books to add interest and conversation pieces. Something to note: Some designers have turned both home office and Zoom backgrounds into a lucrative revenue stream. (At right: Books from; photo by Melissa Galt)


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