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Update on Window Covering Safety Month

October is Window Covering Safety Month, and the Window Covering Safety Council has a message for U.S. consumers: Going cordless is easier than ever. Sadly, corded window coverings represent one of the top five hidden...

The Wonderful World of Wood Window Treatments

Trends may come and go, but one thing is certain: Wood window treatments are here to stay. This enduring class of window coverings offers beautiful aesthetics and terrific function. Wood treatments are widely available...

In Tech We Trust?

By Susan Schultz Photo courtesy of Current Products Corp We are in the midst of a seismic paradigm shift when it comes to technology in our homes. The emergence of 5G wireless networks has many companies already touting...

Economical, Evolutionary, Energy-Saving Shades

By Gail Gutsche Roller shades, the oldest and simplest of window treatments, never go out of style. Easy to operate, a breeze to dress up or down, energy efficient, economical and timeless, roller shades—and their...

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