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3 Steps to Define (and Leverage!) the Personality of Your Brand

Name one brand—right now—that you really love. It could be an international behemoth or a local cafe. A hotel chain. Your favorite makeup brand. No matter what comes to mind, the reason you “love” this brand is because you associate specific...

Window Fashion VISION Magazine in Search of the Greatest Window Covering Treatment Designs

ST. PAUL, Minn., AUGUST 3, 2022 – WINDOW FASHION VISION magazine announces the opening of the 2023 VISION Design & Workroom Competition. Entries are now being accepted for the interior design industry’s most prestigious competitions recognizing...

disCOVER: Midtown 29 Designed by Shades by Design

The cover for this issue of Window Fashion VISION is from the rooftop pool area at the Midtown Miami-located rental residential building Midtown 29 designed by Shades by Design.  The Shades by Design team custom-made the cabana curtains, as well as...

Roller Shades for Very Large Openings

One of the fastest-growing trends I am seeing in the new home construction and renovation industry is the creation of very large patio openings, mainly multi-panel sliding or folding glass doors.   Not that long ago, having a 12-foot-wide sliding...

Increase Your Profits with Plantation Shutters

From my experience, I know many dealers and installers run away from plantation shutters, but I go in the opposite direction and embrace these wood or faux-wood interior shutters.  It is true that making any mistake when dealing with shutters can be...

Wineries: A Lucrative Clientele for the Window Design Industry

From Oregon to New York and nearly everywhere in between, wineries are a lucrative business. Interior designers and window treatment professionals who want to work with them will find a wealth of opportunities in this hospitality-focused space. For...


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