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What’s Trending in Window Treatments

Window treatments are truly one of my favorite parts of the interior design process. Different treatments complement different types of window structure; if you’ve had Window Tinting to protect your furnishings and indoor fittings, or you have a set of beautiful arched windows calling out for drapes, there is something for everyone.

With new technologies being brought onto the market there are new ways to possibly change up the traditional features of windows, such as the window handles for example. Websites simialr to or local professionals might be useful for answering any questions on how to incorporate new features into windows.

They can also make any room feel complete, warm, and luxurious. You can be so original, creative, and profitable at the same time. Safety and comfort are also very essential in window treatments. Many households have taken interest in unbreakable security glasses. Manufacturers like Riot Glass – Security Glass are received well by customers with respect to home security and privacy.

Anyway, this year I saw a lot of contemporary elements coming back in the window fashion industry. Cleaner lines, less pattern, more texture and definitely more style.

Here are ten of my favorite window treatments design trends from this year:

1.Sheer fabrics. I admire using sheer fabric as the main element in the design. Its light and airy and it looks really contemporary. Stationary panels could be added for a more transitional look or for more privacy.

2. Monochromatic hues. Different shades of whites continue to be a huge trend. From beautiful wools to linen, to luxurious velvets. Dark gray colors were leading a lot in the velvets and sheers. I enjoy the drama and luxury that it creates.

Dark Sheers
Pattern Roller Shades

3. Linen. I had tremendous success in my personal designs. From 100% linen to different blends, it looked fresh, casual and luxurious at the same time.

4. Texture. I like seeing different types of mesh fabric, metallics, and woven imitation.

5. Operation. Motorization is the new normal and I use it anywhere I can but you have to really understand everything that goes in it’s to be able to sell it properly. I took 3 classes on motorization last year during the conference and I double my business in that category.

6. Beautiful details. “Details are not the details’, they make the design,” said Charles Eames and it’s very true. Beautiful banding, pleat accessories and trim made a statement in a lot of my designs.

7. Style. I must say that ripple folds? were the most popular and requested style when it came to the contemporary design this year?, but I still adore the old classic European pinch pleat.

8. Cornices?. Known as the most universal treatment that you can literally use in any style: contemporary, transitional, traditional and especially for the kids rooms.


traditional cornices

9. Hardware. The choices in hardware material were absolutely spectacular this year. From acrylic poles with brass finials, Murano glass, leather, malachite, iron to Swarovski embellishments. I had so much fun with all the newest hardware that’s available today.

10. Lastly, my favorite trend from this past year was the “comeback of the pattern” in a hard window treatment category. I feel it was a large element that we were missing in contemporary design.

The New Year brings so much for window coverings and you can explore, grow and get inspired at the International Window Coverings Show in Tampa, FL. Personally, I am really excited to work with Ombre fabrics and experiment with color. In addition, I highly recommend the International Window Coverings Expo to explore these trends. I doubled my window treatment business because of all the classes and new vendors that I picked up at the show in the previous years as an attendee.


Yelena Gerts ASID WCAA

Principal designer/owner at House of Style & Design

VISION’s 2017 Interior Designer of the Year

Instagram: houseofstyle_design


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