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Coulisse Awarded Trevira CS Club Gold Member Status

Worldwide window covering specialist Coulisse was awarded Trevira CS Club Gold Member status for 2020. Trevira, which supplies inherent flame-retardant fibers and yarns, uses its gold and silver member status awards to acknowledge partners with outstanding sales, brand loyalty, creativity and geographic presence. Coulisse views this award as a nod to its long-standing commitment to comfort and safety in window covering textiles.

Coulisse offers a range of Trevira CS fabrics for the contract market (they are also appropriate for the residential market). Products allows for perfect heat control and natural light management, which contributes to productivity, comfort and energy savings in commercial, hospitality and home spaces. The fabrics also offer unique decorative possibilities, allowing designers to add style which also creating a sense of warmth and well-being.

Catharina Idema, creative director at Coulisse, shared the following statement in a press release: “We are proud to be awarded as gold member of the Trevira CS Club. By designing the collection for the project market, of which the our Trevira CS fabrics are a part, we aim at uniting beauty and functionality. This way, our window covering solutions are the perfect solution for creating healthy, comfortable and inspiring indoor spaces.”

Sophia Bennett, Editor in Chief of Window Fashion VISION

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