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Grace McNamara Scholarship Winner Announced

The Grace McNamara Scholarship—offered every year for the International Window Coverings Expo—is presented to an individual in the industry who is either just starting out or has had a need for some extra education to help them grow their skills and be successful in the window coverings industry. The scholarship winner will receive a carte blanche pass at IWCE for all seminars, classes, special events and programs. 

We are pleased to announce that Inge Vermeylen is the 2020 recipient of the Grace McNamara Scholarship. Inge is moving to Nashville from Belgium this year. Her grandparents owned and operated an interior design business there, which was subsequently taken over by her parents. When her parents retired, Inge decided to continue the window treatments to follow her passion. Since she married a U.S. citizen last year, she will be moving her business to Nashville. Inge wants to learn the trends and techniques in the U.S. and continue to grow her thriving window treatment business.

Congratulations Inge!

Sophia Bennett, Editor in Chief of Window Fashion VISION

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