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Nicole Lorber nursery kids room

Window Coverings for Kids Rooms: Tips and Ideas

Children are the most precious items many homeowners have within their four walls. While designing your home, you take them and their safety into consideration. How can we put together rooms that are beautiful and safe...

7 Ideas for Bolder Interior Designs in 2021

By Taryn Pearce We are all spending more time at home now and many people are looking to redesign or decorate their homes to better reflect who they are and what they need. From functionality to beauty, designers are...

5 Tips for Creating a Curated Business

By Claudia Clobes Yudis We all know that your brand should have an identity and a voice that is cohesive and consistent across all your channels. Your clients hire you because they trust you and need your guidance, so...

Hot Hues, Cool Colors

Designers, color consultants and other professionals share what’s in and what’s out for 2021. High-contrast colorways “I often find my clients steering toward neutral/safe colors and tones. However, lately there has...

Understanding Performance Fabrics

By Kathryn Dillon An industry-wide definition for performance fabrics is still in the making, but what consumers want is textiles that will withstand the hustle and bustle of family life, pets and entertaining. They...

A Life in Color and Pattern

By Sophia Bennett All photos courtesy of Dorothy Draper & Company, Inc. When Carleton Varney started at Dorothy Draper & Company, he would walk around the office with the storied designer as she checked in on...

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