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Revitalizing the Eleanor Roosevelt Suite

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Comfortex Window Fashions, in partnership with Roger Reid of Roger K. Reid Interior Design, revitalized Eleanor Roosevelt’s suite at the Vanguard Showhouse in Guilderland, NY, using the Color Lux Window Solutions Collection.

“People should not be afraid of color. It animates a space with a small investment,” says Reid.

Roger K. Reid Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm with more than 30 years of experience manifesting clients’ diverse taste to create well-detailed and coordinated interiors. With design commissions ranging in style from traditional to contemporary, Reid has always nurtured a special sensitivity toward combining modern conveniences with architecturally and historically appropriate finishes. Using the Color Lux Collection, he was able to bring a modern flair to Eleanor Roosevelt’s suite and create a space that was a mix of both old and new.

“Designing with the Color Lux program was truly inspirational,” he says. Using Color Lux’s palette of over 800 colors, he created a harmonious blend of window treatments, including roller shades, box-pleated valances and portiere draperies.

Reid appreciated the process of working with Comfortex as much as the product. “Lead times from vendors can be one my most challenging tasks when designing,” he says. “I was so impressed with Comfortex’s fast ability to allow me to select and customize different textures and patterns to create my own totally unique look.”

“Color Lux provides designers with a multitude of color and design options without having to compromise on quality,” says Michael D’Agnese, manager of color and design at Comfortex.

“Designers can also harmonize and visualize their designs before producing using the Color Window Solutions Design tool.”

Comfortex Window Fashions, founded in 1986, is an innovator in the window fashion industry. The company maintains its headquarters just north of Albany in Maplewood, NY, and operates an additional manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ. Comfortex’s complete line of products includes cellular, roller, roman and insulating blinds, wood blinds, sheer window shadings and the highly customized Color Lux line of window treatments.

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