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Peter Nelissen, the founder and owner of Top Window Covering in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has infectious enthusiasm for the window coverings industry. His vision for providing a quality product and outstanding service has made the company an indispensable resource for professionals all over the world.

Peter Nelissen and Kenneth Clayborne

One of Nelissen’s first jobs after a stint in the Dutch Army was working in production at a window coverings manufacturer. This experience gave him a view of the difficulties that fabricators experience every day. He set a goal to one day own a company that would better serve fabricators by offering quality, on-trend fabric; keeping products in stock at all times; and providing the best possible service for customers.

Nelissen founded that company, Top Window Covering, in 1998. From the beginning, he knew his goal would be to establish operations across the globe. With this in mind, he searched for the ideal people to grow the company with. He has handpicked each member of his team and is proud to have created a family-like atmosphere within the company.

Today, Top Window Covering is a global company that creates and develops high quality and luxurious window covering fabric collections for fabricators worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, it maintains warehousing facilities and sales offices in North Carolina, Quebec and the U.K.’s Northamptonshire.

“We keep stock on-hand at numerous locations,” says Nelissen. “In today’s economy quick turn-around is important, and we guarantee that. We can send one yard, or a container-load of textiles designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers.” This centralized worldwide distribution system sets Top Window Covering apart from other multinational companies.

The company targets the mid- to upper level in the market and provides ways for customers to differentiate themselves by supplying specialty items, including fabrics and hardware. Fabric collections are all done by design, beginning with yarn combinations and ending with finished fabric. A quality management team is onsite at all production facilities to ensure consistency and quality. The same principle is in place for all other products, including custom hardware and components.

As Top Window Covering continues to grow, it is upgrading fabric, hardware and component collections. It has added new point-of-sale resources, including developing new concepts for store displays. Another innovative service recently launched by the company is an online portal that enables customers to have real-time insight into stock levels at any time.   

No matter where its customers are, Top Window Covering offers the same promise Nelissen made when he started the business over 30 years ago: “Our goal is to offer and deliver on time fabric collections that put you ahead of the competition. If something isn’t just the way you like it, simply let any Top team member know and we will make it right. Guaranteed.”

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