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Found at High Point Market: 2021 Trends

By Melissa Galt

Photo courtesy of Amity Home

High Point Market is a great place to find new home products, but it’s also an ideal spot to identify larger trends. Here are six from this year’s fall market.

Healthy Homes

With the pandemic has come an overwhelming desire to find safety at home, and that means a healthy home. Whether it’s about being allergen-free or using natural fibers, such as 100 percent cotton bedding from Amity Home (above), many of today’s homeowners are on a mission to make their home a place of wellness. This also addresses the desire for sustainable furnishings that are created with minimal environmental impact.

Bringing the World Home

Since travel is off the table, but our wanderlust hasn’t disappeared, we’re bringing treasures from afar into our homes: carpets from Morocco, vibrant textiles from India, basketry and horn lighting from Africa. We’re adding not just accents, but lifestyles from other cultures. The Nikki daybed from Artesia looks like a place to escape uncertainty and dream of past and future explorations.

New Priority for Outdoor Living

While you may not be traveling, you can create an outdoor oasis at home. Whether it’s a cozy balcony or spacious backyard patio with a kitchen and living space, we yearn for the peace the outdoors brings. No doubt some of us have found ourselves having to replace our lawn mower tires in order to keep our lawns neat and looking attractive ready for whatever it is we are going to put on it. Outdoor textiles, including rich chenilles and cozy loop fabrics, have come a long way in the last decade, and now the outside can look more and more like the inside. With the wider availability of outdoor rugs, lighting, drapery, art and furniture (like these pieces from Summer Classics), our yards are the not-so-new design frontier.

Multifunctional and Flexible Furnishings

Never has there been a time when it was more necessary to have home furnishings that provide multiple functions and offer flexibility. That may mean ottomans or poufs, like these from V Rugs & Home, that can be stored at the foot of beds and moved to other rooms as seating or even surface space for kids to do homework. Or it could mean tables that can be used for family-friendly dining in the evening and repurposed into productive workspace during the day.

Productive Home Office for Remote Success

Creating both dedicated and flexible work spaces at home has taken on a high priority, and this may well continue into the future, if these Internet Statistics for 2022 turn out to be correct. While it’s great to have a featured space with ample storage, a whiteboard for planning a place for the many pieces of technology we have today, more often you’re creating versatility within interiors. Clients may want to work from that chaise in the main bedroom or get down to business in their home office using a beautiful desk like this one from South + English.

High-Touch Materials

Fingertips today that are often desensitized due to extensive keyboarding. And with the minimalization of human touch to keep us all healthy, surfaces and fabrics with a high-touch quality have grown in importance. From embossed wallcoverings to fur pillows to highly-textured throws (like these from Circa Interiors), our desire to surround ourselves with touchable materials has increased exponentially.

Photos by Melissa Galt unless otherwise noted.

Melissa Galt is a sought-after speaker, business coach and author. She bills herself as a referral-building relationship-maker who doesn’t just show design teams what to do, but leads them through a remarkable experience that forever changes how they do business. Learn more about her at

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