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What’s Trending at the Window in 2021?

International fabric manufacturer Wilson Fabrics shares what’s trending in roller shades for the year ahead. U.S.-based representatives, Karen Goelst and Andrew Vardas, take us through the latest fabric colors and designs, as well as essential features and components for all your window treatment projects.

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About Wilson Fabrics:

Wilson Fabrics has been supplying quality Australian Made drapery and shade fabrics to custom made window furnishings retailers since its inception in 1926. Wilson Fabrics specialization lies in designing and developing an exciting range of innovative, decorative and functional quality fabrics, suitable for all types of window treatments, inspired by global trends.

“Having quality in-house manufacturing with our vertically integrated mill ensures we can do quite technical weaves and designs that cannot be easily duplicated by cheaper overseas mills. With our in house design team and weave specialist, we continually develop designs influenced by local and worldwide trends ensuring we have an ever evolving bank of designs to draw upon for range releases.” Chris Sencek, COO.

Our fabrics are designed, woven, dyed, coated, finished, packaged and distributed all from our own facility. A distinct advantage of being a vertically integrated mill is that we have tight controls over the quality of the coating and the ingredients used to ensure a high quality and consistent finished product.

At Wilson Fabrics we have a unique offering of coordinating Blackout Drapery and Roller Shade fabric ranges. These ranges have been designed as coordinates for a complete mix and match story throughout the home so customers can keep a consistent look and colour scheme throughout the home while having a mix of curtains and blinds.

Not only can our ranges mix and match between curtains and roller shades, our Roller Shade fabrics can also be used for Roman Shades, making them a very versatile choice.

Wilson’s Blackout fabrics are also PVC Free and protected by StainProtectTM fabric protector, which wards off soils stains and spills without impacting the fabrics weight, look or feel; making them a great choice for the home.

Wilson is passionate about fabrics; designing and developing an exciting range of innovative, decorative and functional quality fabrics, suitable for all types of window treatments.

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