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3 Ways Trade Publications Impact Your Inbound Marketing & Generate Leads

Not too long ago, trade magazines used to be the only way for window covering professionals to learn about the latest developments in a field. Thanks to the distribution of information on the internet and social media, these professionals now have complete control over the content they consume.

Thanks to digitalization, generating leads through various social media sites has become much easier. Be it a LinkedIn Lead Generation tool or a similar one for other social media platforms, with the help of smart filters, they can make finding the right people who can make use of your product quite simple. However, the rise of technology cannot alone determine the relevancy of traditional marketing techniques. Some might say that print publications aren’t as relevant anymore because they’ve “gone out of fashion,” but they would be shocked to see how trade magazines can be a lucrative source of leads with the right approach. There are still a number of groups and individuals who tend to take advantage of printing houses (like Printivity) for their books, publications, or catalogs.

For professionals who are committed to learning about cutting-edge innovations and news, trade magazines are still a highly sought-after source of information. In their Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report for 2015-2019, PwC found that the revenue for trade magazines like VISION increased during that time period.[1]

VISION Trade Publication

So out of all the content that you could be reading, what sets a trade magazine like VISION apart?

For one, reading trade publications will give you the opportunity to read the same things your customers read. By engaging with the same new stories and articles, you’ll gain a much better understanding of their struggles, their interests, as well as the latest products and intel they need to know about.

Based on our reader surveys, these are the biggest draws to subscribing to VISION, so we design our content to meet those needs.

While VISION provides our readers with all the industry insights they’ll need, we go beyond just distributing content. Besides our extensive article database, we offer virtual networking events, digital products,  resource downloads and educational content libraries.

Most importantly, because we’ve established ourselves as a go-to source of news and information for window covering professionals, we’re also a valuable source of high-quality leads for marketers in the field. As a hub for window covering professionals, VISION has become a gathering place where people build relationships and showcase their latest offerings.

How to Make VISION a Powerful Source of Leads for YOUR Business

VISION, like many trade publications in other industries, isn’t going anywhere. Even though other magazines have been replaced by digital channels, we continue to grow and evolve because we offer irreplaceable value to our readers.

We wanted to make sure you have the right tools you need to thrive in your business. That’s why we wanted to share three strategies that will make our publication an invaluable asset to find new customers who are ready to make a purchase.

1. Gather Valuable Market Intelligence

As an active reader, participant and contributor to VISION‘s platform, you’ll develop a keen understanding of your customer’s pain points, as well as their needs and aspirations. There’s no other place online where you can find out everything you need to know about the window fashion industry.

Our platform provides loads of opportunities to connect with community members and potential buyers who are actively looking for solutions in the world of window coverings. Not only can you read and contribute articles to VISION, plus you can also build relationships by staying engaged with our social media discussions as well.

These conversations are where you can establish yourself as a leader and provider of solutions for our readers. By paying attention to what’s important to them and delivering thoughtful insights, you can become an authority to shoppers who haven’t met you yet!

2. Gain Exposure to New Readers and Customers

At VISION, we’re always on the hunt for the latest innovations, news, best practices and solutions that will help our readers. We want to get your voice out there to our community-all you need to do is communicate what’s new with your company. If you feel inclined to share an article that might interest members of our community, we’d be happy to spread the word and feature you as an expert in the field.

Most importantly, because we’ve established ourselves as a go-to source of news and information for window covering professionals, we’re also a valuable source of high-quality leads for marketers in the field., from where you can purchase the LinkedIn likes. It can help with increasing the ‘shares’ on LinkedIn, possibly leading to an increased number of followers, viewers, and blog site visitors.

That may sound like wishful thinking, but it’s actually quite common for thought leaders who share their expertise on platforms like ours. Whether you connect with people on social media or they find your website in our directory, there are plenty of ways that our magazine can help you generate high-quality leads. Here are a few more examples…

3. Facilitate Sales Opportunities

Another aspect of VISION that sets it apart from other sources of content and social media channels is that it’s a community that includes both potential buyers and vendors. Almost everyone is upfront about what products or services they are looking for, and providers can be transparent about what they’re offering.

Because everyone is on the same page, it feels natural to continue into a sales-oriented conversation with a potential customer. In a crowded, noisy marketplace, people tend to become wary of marketers they haven’t encountered before.

But VISION is much more than a marketplace or a content distribution channel, it’s a community designed to bring window fashion professionals together! That way we’re able to provide a high-value list from our magazine subscribers to our email list readers who opt-in to receive newsletters, product information and educational resources.

Leveraging Window Fashion VISION to Work for Your Business

Using VISION as part of your content distribution and inbound marketing strategy can positively affect your lead-generation efforts and establish new connections you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Yes, many window covering professionals are now on social media, but when they’re actively looking for business solutions for their company, they still turn to our trade publication.

Take some time to dig deeper into what our industry magazine has to offer. It’s incredible and will set you apart and grow your business if you take some time to take advantage of what we offer.

In addition, you can use an email marketing strategy to broaden your company’s reach. You can hire a company or professional for bulk email marketing, and you can easily be reached by common users via their email addresses. You can track the number of clicks on your emails to identify potential customers for your company. While email marketing is a great way to broaden your reach, email verification might also be a salient part of your inbound marketing strategy. They can verify email IDs, so you don’t have to pay CRMs for email IDs that don’t exist or aren’t active at all. You can learn more about how these email verification platforms work by visiting websites like and, if interested, signing up for them.

Now that you’re ready to engage even deeper, gather your best content, contact us and let’s start getting your voice out there!


Ania McNamara

Author: Ania McNamara, Chief Marketing Officer Window Fashion VISION magazine & IWCE Expo

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