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Christmas and Holiday Decorating Trends for 2018

Are you beginning to hear silver bells jingling and eight tiny reindeer pawing around your workroom? It won’t be long before clients are inquiring about trends for the holiday decorating season. Be prepared to give them the answers they seek with this 2018 Christmas decorating dossier.

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That said, if you are the one who is celebrating Christmas at your home, then keep reading the post that can help you understand the trends of the year.

Holiday Colors

Metallics are having a moment this year, says Kate Beebe, a public relations manager at the luxury home products retailer Frontgate. “This contemporary color trend caters to a fashion-forward crowd. Mixed metals and a minimalist sensibility are the name of the game when it comes to setting your holiday home apart.”

Jennifer Manley, vice president of retail sales for the interior design company Decorating Den Interiors, says to watch for brushed gold and rose gold in holiday garlands, bows, ribbons and accessories. You may not need to go far to find them, she points out. “Gold accents are pretty popular in home décor right now anyway, so you can really play that up around the holidays.”

One fun way to add metallics to window treatments is to layer a gold, silver or copper underlayment with existing drapes, says Laura Tadt, design manager for The Airtex Group, which designs and manufactures home and personal products. The occasional glint will add an unexpected shine to a holiday-themed room.

Reds and greens in all shades will be big, of course. When it comes to blue, ditch the turquoise that’s been popular for many years and turn to a deeper shade, preferably paired with white or metallics, Beebe suggests. “Rich indigo against a snowy white lifts our spirits – and how could it not?”

Generally, Tadt believes warmer colors will rule the Christmas and holiday decorating scene in 2018. “A lot of the cooler grays are transitioning out,” she says. “These warmer colors really create more of a refreshing feel for the home that I think is really new and modern.”

Images and Design Elements

Expect to see plenty of reindeer statues herding in people’s homes and yards again this year. One twist on that popular theme is to use white ceramic or porcelain deer heads as opposed to the whole animal. “Those are a trend in home décor because they’re popular in that farmhouse style,” says Manley.

Deer aren’t the only animals gracing homes around Christmastime anymore, though. “The whimsical woodland animals are becoming very popular,” says Tadt. “That can be beyond deer into squirrels and owls and even some more unconventional animals for the holidays, like peacocks and parrots.

“In addition to some of the more playful aspects, I think texture is going to be more important,” she adds. “Try laying a fur pillow with a metallic pillow or using a nubby throw. A lot of the customers we’ve been working with are putting out pillows and throws and bedding that incorporate trims and embroidery and appliqué into the products.”

Another holiday decorating trend for 2018 is flanking the front door with a pair of life-size figures. “A charming nutcracker on either side of your door guarantees friendly smiles,” says Beebe.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Many families struggle with the desire for a Christmas tree that showcases ornaments with sentimental value (think those faded ornaments from your childhood or the kids’ kindergarten clay handprints) and a tree with more modern, chic decorations. There’s no reason you can’t have both, Tadt says.

“I think there is this nod to nostalgia and a desire to recognize the heritage of the season. You can do that by bringing out, for example, some vintage glass ornaments that were your grandparents. In addition to adding some fun character, bringing back some of those older elements creates a meaningful and eclectic look for the consumer.” (To keep some of the more… rustic Christmas tree decorations from standing out, tuck them on the back side of the tree.)

Another way to showcase legacy Christmas tree decorations without distracting from newer, more trendy ones is to have two trees, Beebe says. Put a “family” tree in the kitchen or family room and one that better reflects the home’s style in the living room.

Ribbon can be a great way to get a beautiful Christmas tree without spending a fortune on new ornaments. “Gently cascading or tied into bows, it adds dimension and a striking pop of color,” says Beebe. “Loosely weave ribbon across branches, shaping the wire so ribbon appears to ripple. Then intersperse focal points, such as tree bouquets, to help keep the eye moving.”

Another benefit to ribbon is that it’s simple to pack away come January. “If you use wire ribbon for bows, they flatten easily for storage and bounce back really easily for the next year,” says Manley. However you decorate the tree, remember that the whole point of Christmas is to cozy up with your family. So place your beautifully decorated tree near the fireplace (if you don’t have one, get a custom firepit online!) and have a wonderful time together with your loved ones.

“One tip I always share in my holiday presentation is to wrap six presents in the colors that best coordinate with your decorations and put them under the tree,” she adds. “Until the tree gets filled up with the other presents, I always have these

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