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It’s HOT—Insolroll has the best Solar Screen Shade solutions Inside and Out!

Inside:  High performance SilverScreen shades are the most effective way to block the heat from the inside. SilverScreen is a proven winner for solving the heat, glare, and UV in every fabric color, unlike standard solar screen where color influences performance. Get in the Silver Sweet Spot with SilverScreen’s metallized solar screen fabric! Ideal for commercial and residential applications.

Outside: Exterior Shading is best way to block the sun’s heat, before it hits the glass.  Blocking the sun’s heat before it enters the interior is the most effective way to prevent heat gain on west-facing windows and keep rooms cool.  Ideal for hot desert applications.

Insolroll offers 3 roller shade programs to help your business compete in this growing product category.

  • Insolroll® Solar Shades— our core interior shade program of solar screen, blackout, and high performance fabrics
  • Insolroll Elements®— a beautiful selection of patterned and textured blackout, translucent, semi-sheer, solar screen and sheer fabrics
  • Oasis® Exterior Solar Shades— featuring hardware systems for Patio Sun Shades, Exterior Window Shades, and Retractable Insect Screens
  • Wide-format Digital Printing for all 3 programs— patterns for hospitality, branding for commercial, and personalization for residential

Insolroll has been a pioneer in solar shading for residential and commercial applications since 1980. If you are having issues with your current supplier, now is the time to give Insolroll a try.

  • 5 day lead time (10 days for contract orders)
  • Huge in-stock fabric inventory: 97 fabric styles, 432 unique colors
  • Well-packaged freight to avoid damage and delays
  • Award-winning customer service and tech support
  • Online e-PIC pricing & ordering system

Sharpen your game this selling season by becoming an Insolroll dealer

Insolroll Window Shading Systems
637 S. Pierce Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

tel: 800.447.5534

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