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Not All Solar Screen Fabrics Are Created Equal

Family owned and operated since 1952, Phifer Incorporated, and the SheerWeave® brand of sun control fabrics, represent the standard in interior roller shade fabrics. Woven in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, SheerWeave fabrics are American made with a focus on quality and service. Over the past 35 years, SheerWeave has grown to become the number one brand in sun control fabrics with the broadest range of products and features. As the only manufacturer producing both fiberglass and polyester core yarn fabrics, as well as unique and exclusive features like Microban® antimicrobial protection and DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ bio-based additives, Phifer is known for leading the market in cutting edge technology. Our 38 Styles of fabrics include basketweaves, twill weaves and decorative jacquard weaves as well as a host of high performing fabrics including metallized, recyclable and PVC-free options.

While we feel strongly that our commitment to our employees, community and customers to provide the highest quality products and services in the market is a compelling reason to offer SheerWeave fabrics, manufacturing our fabrics in America is only part of the Phifer story. Our on-time delivery to the market is unmatched and our culture of continuous improvement assures our products meet your expectations. Producing and maintaining inventory in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to respond quickly to your sun control fabric needs and stay on top of shifts in market trends and priorities in a way that overseas sourcing cannot match. We believe there is value in buying American made products and our continued growth speaks to our industry’s shared values when so many low cost imported fabrics are available.

With the recent announcement by Springs Window Fashions to shift their offering to “lower cost” fabrics, Phifer has chosen to no longer sell Springs Window Fashions. We feel this direction is not in the overall market’s best, long term interest and serves only to commoditize fabrics. When Springs emphasizes their offering is “a match for our most popular Phifer fabrics for color, weave and openness”, we assert that the inherent qualities of SheerWeave fabrics and our service cannot be matched. We believe simply lowering market pricing is not a viable long term strategy. Now is an important time to emphasize that SheerWeave fabrics are available through a wide range of fabricators and wholesale distributors that share our values and are prepared to support your requirements.

Our highest priority is to continue providing the market with the best quality and service in the industry at a fair and competitive price. We appreciate your partnership and stand ready to answer any questions you may have and, as always, we appreciate your business and support of Phifer’s American made SheerWeave fabric.

Phifer Sun Control Department

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