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Coulisse Introduces Four Fashionable Screen Varieties Especially Suitable For The Residential Market

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Enter, the Netherlands, June 2017

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Following the world-wide success of its existing screen range and the growing demand for decorative technical fabrics, Coulisse, worldwide supplier of window coverings, introduces a series of four fashionable screen varieties. The new screen qualities are characterized by a striking fashion look, inspired by table accessories and home decor. The metallic effects, special weaving structures and fashion colors used in this new range, give these screens a unique decorative dimension that brings style and atmosphere into the interior.

The combination of fast-forward decorative appeal and excellent heat and light management properties makes these news screens especially suitable for the application in the residential market.

The new screens have a width of 300 cm and are all available from stock.

From natural to glossy. From couture to metallic

The new screen qualities each have their own distinct look and decorative effect.

Screen fabric Amazon has a natural weaving structure with an authentic look inspired by rattan. The blend of natural wood colors in the screen underlines its authentic appeal. Screen fabric Crystal has a matt silk-shine and a delicate weaving texture. It is available in eight residential colors.

Screen fabric Noble is the eye catcher in the range. This coarsely woven fabric with wicker-look has a shimmering gloss effect. Especially on large surfaces the rough weaving texture combined with the glossy effect has an impressive effect.

Screen collection Explore evolved from Coulisse’s existing metallic screen collection, which is inspired by the car industry. Following the popularity of this material, which has a crystal-clear shine, Coulisse developed an even greater color palette for this collection, now brought together in collection Explore.

Polyester as a strong base

All the screen qualities in the Coulisse screen collection, including the five new fashion screens, are Polyester-based. ‘We took that decision when we first started developing our screen collection, now several years ago.’, explains Director Components at Coulisse, Klaus Germes. ‘Extensive research and testing results indicated that Polyester screens are stronger and more stable than fiberglass. They retain their original shape and form better, especially with large shades.’ Another reason for Coulisse to go with Polyester is that, as opposed to Fiberglass screen, Polyester screens permit a sealed cut edge, which minimized the risk of fraying and possible health risks in relation to fraying. This makes the material also suitable for vertical blinds and therefore suitable for the roller, panel and vertical blind systems in the Coulisse range.

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