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Orion Rods with Returns Have New Backplate

Orion Rods with Returns – New vertical backplate

Rods with Returns are perfect for bowed or bay windows, or windows with odd angles. Having drapes return to the wall not only gives additional privacy, but creates a finished look, covering window light and hardware from view.

Orion offers rods with returns in round or square smooth hollow rods from 3/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter. In our Burgundy Collection, we also offer them with decorative grapevine leaves. Choose from a matching round or square backplate, or our new vertical backplate option for a narrower profile. Measurements are based from the outside of the left and right backplates. Please let us know if you are using face width values instead. Rods with returns are available in 35 Iron Art™ finishes, 6 Italian finishes, and of course, your own custom finish.


• Available in 35 Iron Art™ finishes, 6 Italian finishes, or your own custom finish

• 3/4″ to 2″ Rod Diameters

• Round, Square, or Vertical Backplate Options

• Square Rods Have Mitered Corners

• 3″, 6″ or Custom Projections

• Measurements are based from the outside of the left and right backplates.

• Rods with returns in Iron Art finishes have one welded backplate and one socket backplate to allow the addition of drapery or rings. Rods in Italian finishes come with two socket backplates. | | 877.476.6278

Window Fashion VISION

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