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Coulisse Reports A Rewarding Heimtextil Show

Enter, the Netherlands 

Coulisse, international supplier of window decoration, reports a rewarding, well-attended Heimtextil 2017 event. During the four-day show, Coulisse received a lot of visitors from all over the world. “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to welcome many visitors, who took time during Heimtextil to visit our booth. Guests were warmly welcomed and had the opportunity to enjoy some foods and drinks while catching up with the latest Coulisse developments.”, so says Klaus Germes, director components. 

The proven booth set-up offered all the space and opportunity needed to meet customers and suppliers from around the world in a relaxed atmosphere. No Components products were exhibited at the stand; however, half of the stand was dedicated to various shop concepts and technologies developed by the Coulisse DIY-division. 

Highlights and innovations 
“With the announced partnership at the show between Somfy and Coulisse, we hope to meet the growing demand for home comfort “, as per Jay Hijmering, director DIY. “We wish to make automation accessible to a wider audience and ensure our customers and the end-user a comprehensive global service coverage of the motors sold by Coulisse. The cooperation was well received by the show visitors, just like the exhibited Pull Motor and Adjustable Spring Roller innovations introduced by the DIY-division of Coulisse. Coulisse is pleased with the number of appointments made with customers, as well as with a selection of new prospects.”

Coulisse as a total solution provider 
Even more than before, Coulisse presented itself as a total solution provider. Not only the Components division, but also the DIY by Coulisse division provides a full door-to-door service; for both ready-made as well as made-to-measure concepts, of which various types of displays were shown at the fair. 

New Coulisse journal 
At Heimtextil Coulisse presented the new and 5th edition of the Coulisse journal. In this inspiring magazine, Coulisse expresses its creative strength in inspiring customers. The theme of this new journal is Recharge. With this theme, Coulisse invites readers to enjoy a more balanced life in creating a relaxed environment at home and in the public space.

Introduction contract movie 
In addition, Coulisse introduced a new contract movie on Heimtextil 2017. The movie shows several projects Coulisse finalized and gives a sneak preview of the way Coulisse connects window coverings and architecture. Following the successful introduction of the Coulisse contract collection and the positive developments in the market in the recent years, Coulisse will be increasing its focus on the contract market in 2017.

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