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Intriguing Extras From Paris Deco Off

While Paris Deco Off ( is a celebration of textile design (and you’ll see some of my favorites in the March/April issue of Window Fashion Vision), there’s plenty of other eye candy. So this post features some of wonderful wall covering introductions from PDO, a mix of classic looks and contemporary techniques that captures the exciting sense of discovery of January in Paris.

The Andalucia collection of wallpapers by artist Liz Collins for 4Spaces ( includes nine patterns that reference the culture, architecture, and history of this region. The art is what the company calls “industrially hand painted” meaning the initial artwork is first painted and hand drawn by Collins and then converted into digital files. In particular the pattern Feria captures the look of some Collins’ installations, with yarn-like stokes intersecting and radiating in glowing color.

Not officially a wall covering, but this installation of Dedar’s ( new À Contre-Jour fabric in its pop-up showroom was captivating. The detailed silk and cotton twill is a modern take on the Oriental landscape tradition.

Elitis ( launched six innovative new wall covering lines including one using squares of colored coco shells pieced on mesh, another of thermoformed and quilted fabrics, and another of crushed silk-look vinyls. Two collections included paper and collage effects, such as Kataba from the Océania collection, with paper mesh whitewashed over blurred and obscured prints.

The Enchanted Garden collection from Osborne & Little ( includes 12 patterns that capture the English love affair with gardens and woodlands, both native and exotic. Several patterns, such as Curio, shown at the window, are available in fabrics as well. Driftwood (shown) and Cedar are two realistic worn woodgrain patterns that complement the botanical and scenic looks from the rest of the collection.

Pierre Frey ( introduced the Guizhou wall covering collection, 13 looks that echo the artistry and influences that shaped its extraordinary new Maoming textiles. I have a fascination with cloud imagery and so I completely fell in love with Nubem—I’m obsessed with getting a repeat of this dreamy design on a wall in my studio!

The Phaedra wall coverings from Zoffany ( range from state-of-the-art designs, through to wide-width scenics and vinyl embosses, to traditional rotary screen methods. There’s a antique map of London graphic, a foxed mirror design, and more.

Mirabilis is a paper-backed polyester fabric from Rubelli ( with large stylized flowers printed on a threaded ground of warp fibers which creates a chiné perception of the pattern.

The vinyl wall covering Zardozi from Black Edition ( cleverly mimics an embroidered fabric, a combination of embossing and a soft metallic finish.

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