Window Fashion VISION

Author - Susan Schultz

Hot Trends from the Paris Haute Couture Shows

July may be the height of summer, with a focus on vacation plans, but in the fashion world July means Paris, specifically the AW 2017/2018 haute couture runway shows. With more than 35 shows across four days, this...

Highlights From NYCxDesign 2017

I am a self-professed pattern junkie and I found plenty to be excited about at this year’s NYC design shows. Following are some of my favorite finds from NYCxDesign, the umbrella name for everything design...

Details Matter

If you missed this year’s Design & Workroom Competition awards presentation—you missed a pretty special night. First, thanks to Kirsch for sponsoring the evening. Bill Whyte, vice president...

A Parade of Purples

In the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Window Fashion Vision we covered some of trends to look for in shade fabrics for 2017. We also had some fun matching up some of the many 2017 Colors of the Year (COTY), as...

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