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Spring 2017 High Point Highlights: Trimming Edition

In the May newsletter I focused on the quilting and piecing designs I saw at High Point this spring. This time I’m going to show some of the most interesting trims—think of it as an alternative POV to what you’ll see in Jana Plantina Phipps’ Trim Queen article in the July/August issue of Window Fashion VISION. There’s no overall theme to this—just cool trims and trimming applications that caught my eye. 

I showed the unique quilting pattern used throughout the launch of The Steve Leung collection for Theodore Alexander in the last newsletter. But another design theme that showed up across all his looks was this corner pillow patch—shown in leather or velvet depending on the situation. And I love the wide square sequin grid on the contrast pillow as well.

Lighting is a new addition to Emcee International including these fabric drum shades with trims. And while there weren’t many new trims in the showroom, this intricate braided holdback, which combines beading, ombré cording, chain and fuzzy pompoms somehow manages to NOT be too much.

This massive piece at Gold Leaf Design Group is made from hundreds of black pompoms—the perfect touch of goth craft for an artsy hotel lobby, yes? These hand made papers, although not trims, also caught my eye. They can be used for wall coverings, and in some cases, fabricated into shades.

I love Elyan Reboul and Tracy Lagrow from French Touch, who exhibit at at Antiques & Design Center of High Point, they always have amazing finds. This year a stunning pair of 19th c. green and silver silk draperies grabbed the attention of anyone walking down the aisle.

The set was in pristine condition, as were all the silk bobble trimmings that decorated the layered edges of each panel. There were other treasures to be found, such as this cord embroidered velvet panel and this completely unique gold metallic tassel.

Paula Queen of Pyar & Co. has been a favorite stop since she started exhibiting at High Point and this time she outdid herself. There’s a new collection for Trellis Home, in brighter colors and more graphic patterns than the main Pyar line, as well as beaded and flounced line for Michelle Workman that could be seen in use on some of her debut pieces at French Heritage. 

The main line featured Queen’s first collection of machine-made trims, which offer a lot of style at a really remarkable price.

Other new pieces included pillows decorated with jet bead designs (the dress, the flower and the handbag) as well as black cording.

There weren’t a lot of fully decorated window design at High Point, and I have to admit, it was the amazing Art Deco-esque lamp in this Jamie Drake room at the Theodore Alexander showroom that I noticed first.

But take a look the wide trim, slightly ombré in plum and lavender, with touches of silver and black. Love!

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