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Coulisse Introduces ASSET Screen

Coulisse aims at sustainable growth

For a space of well-being and a powerful look

Following the ever more stringent global guidelines and requirements concerning energy neutrality of new and existing buildings and an increased focus on the well-being of human beings inside those buildings, Coulisse, worldwide supplier of window coverings, introduces Asset Screen.

Asset Screen is a dark-colored screen that combines the heat and light reflecting qualities of light-colored screens with the pleasant outward view typical for dark-colored screens, thanks to its special reflecting finishing. As a result, Asset Screen reduces energy for air-condition and helps to create a naturally cooler indoor climate. The dark colors and translucency of the Asset Screen allow for contact with the outside world and offers a feeling of spaciousness. This creates a higher sense of well-being and has a positive effect on productivity. In addition, Asset Screen helps to create a more naturally cooler, improved indoor air quality and sustainable indoor space, with a decrease of energy consumption. At the same time, it opens-up the possibility for interior designers, architects and building owners to apply dark-colored screens for a powerful look, without having to sacrifice functionality in terms of light and heat control.

General Manager for the contract market at Coulisse, Jan-Henk Dekker: ‘Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU alone! Window coverings play a key role in achieving well being with respect to natural light management, air quality and ambient temperature. With Asset Screen we offer the market a great solution for combining architectural looks with functionality that contributes to the target of energy-neutral buildings.’

Create a powerful and energy-efficient shading plan
Asset Screen is available in three dark architectural colors and has an openness factor of 5%. The colors perfectly blend in with buildings with dark facades, while offering great functionality in terms of heat reflection and natural light management. Thanks to its width of 300 cm, Coulisse Asset Screen is perfect for the application on windows and facades in public buildings, such as hospitals and hotels.

By using Asset Screen on the south facing facades for their ‘cooling’ properties and the more affordable Coulisse Essential screens in the same dark color as the Asset Screen on the less sunny north facing facades an effective sun protection plan is created that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Window Fashion VISION

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