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Introducing WFCP Workroom Certified Specialist Colleen Serkaian!

I’ve had a passion for sewing that began when I was seven or eight. By the time I was in high school, I was making a lot of my clothing—even my prom dress and the skirt that I wore to my college graduation. When I purchased my first home, making window coverings and bedding was the next step.

Many years ago, a few friends asked me to sew a few items for them, and that is how my business started. Helping others craft one-of-kind items brought great joy to me, and my clients. It still amazes me what ten yards of fabric can become!

When I started my business fourteen years ago, formerly Sew What Sew Anything, nowExciting Windows! by Colleen, my clients brought me their ideas and projects and I brought them to life. It really just involved my sewing skills and what knowledge I could acquire from books and magazines. As the years progress, I have become more of a designer, creator, and supplier of fabric, and hardware, too.

WFCP Education:

I had been looking to take the WFCP FastTRACK Workroom Certification program to give me more knowledge of my craft. Taking the course reinforced a confidence that I can bring to my clients. I know that I have the ability to create industry-standard window coverings, and using the techniques that I learned in my classes offered me additional tips and tricks to make the projects go quicker and look better. One tip I learned was to cut out some of the bulk in a box-pleated valance. Wow, did it help, and what a difference it made! I didn’t have that bump that I previously had with other valances. This past month when I was making six drapery panels, I used my newly purchased fabric stapler instead of pinning, the project was quickly sewed and time was saved in the workroom. These are just a few tips from my classes that I have implemented into my workroom.

Project Showcase:  

Specialist Advice:

“Being the best professional that I can be and bringing that to my clients is the best I can offer to my clients. I highly encourage you to take the WFCP program to give yourself that greater knowledge to bring to your workroom, and your clients.”

Fun Facts:

Colleen is also the mother of four grown children and has two grandchildren. She and her husband enjoy camping, biking, hiking and working out. Colleen loves the flexibility that owning a business brings to her lifestyle!

Window Fashion VISION

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