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David Haseley Promoted to a Sr. Vice President at Decorating Den Interiors

Easton, Md.— David Haseley, who has been vice president of merchandising and marketing at Decorating Den Interiors (DDI) since 2011, has been promoted to a  senior vice president. “David has achieved significant accomplishments in growing our preferred supplier network and adding new marketing initiatives to benefit our design professionals,” said James S. Bugg, Jr. CEO and president in announcing the promotion.

 Haseley oversees DDI’s network of some 130 home furnishings suppliers ranging from luxury brands to those that appeal to a wider segment of the market. He led the development of a new website that enables DDI’s design professionals to have a robust and personalized web presence with professional SEO support in their respective local markets. He also is responsible for national advertising and for developing quarterly supplier promotions for use by its nearly 300 interior decorators.

 Under Haseley’s guidance, DDI has achieved an expanded product mix resulting in furniture sales having overtaken window treatments as its number one category. He also has been instrumental in helping many of DDI’s design businesses grow from home-based businesses to studio-based businesses with teams of decorators.

 In 2015, Haseley addressed the American Home Furnishings Alliance Marketing Meeting speaking on “Upfront Marketing: Staying AHEAD—Not Just on Top—of Your Game.”  He was invited to speak to the Washington, DC gathering, in part, because he represents one of the largest buying groups regularly attending the High Point Market

 Haseley has been vice president at both Hunter Douglas and Fabricut. He also has been a DDI franchise owner and regional director.

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