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Coulisse Presents New XL Roman System for Large Windows

Enter, the Netherlands

Coulisse presents a new XL Roman system especially suited for large windows and the contract market. The new hardware system combined with one of the flame-retardant fabric qualities and the extra available width, make this new window covering an ideal solution for large facades in homes or offices.

Modular hardware system

Thanks to the modular structure of the new XL Roman hardware system, it can be extended with a minimal number of parts, regardless of the desired configuration from basic to a full-option design. Due to the uniformity and interchangeability of the components, the stocks in your warehouses can be kept as low as possible, saving place and ensuring limited stock value. The new XL Roman system offers many advantages in terms of assembly, options for automation and user-friendliness.

Solid construction for XL fabrics

The XL Roman blind system is developed for XL fabrics and is designed for easy assembly. The system itself can go up to a width of 5.8 meters and a height of 5.5 meters. The fabrics can be assembled in accordance with these plus sizes.

All components of the XL Roman system are made out of durable and solid materials, especially developed for heavier XL fabrics to ensure a stable construction and a smooth and easy operation. The blind system can be operated by a manual XL chain and is available in a motorized version. The silent and efficiently working control unit ensures a comfortable and lite operation of the system. A special gearing reduces the pull force that is needed for XL fabrics. The compact rail can easily be installed with installation clips, which are virtually invisible. The head rail can also be covered with fabric, by attaching the fabric on the glued Velcro.

New XL fabrics

Coulisse has a large selection of Roller shade fabrics available, in FR variants and in XL widths up to 300cm, especially suited for the contract market. Many of these fabrics are also ideal to use as Roman shades. The current range of XL fabrics features distinctive natural, wool and cotton looks from the Coulisse Nature and Plain collection, adding atmosphere and warmth to the interior. Thanks to the textile appearance of the fabrics, they are suitable to handle up to Roman shades. The rich classical touch makes the blinds a beautiful choice for large windows, giving a sense of emotion and coziness. Especially in the hospitality sector where functionality meets style, you can recognize a strong focus on homely atmospheres. This is exactly where Roman blinds come out particularly well. The XL collection exists of various types and variations, of which the Trevira CS plays an important role as international certified FR-fabric.

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