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The September/October issue of Window Fashion VISION will include our annual look at color and color trends. Get insight from a variety of experts, including JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Rayman Boozer, an interior designer known as New York’s go-to expert on color.

October is National Window Covering Safety Month, so we’ll take a look at how industry partners are working to make window coverings better for homes and businesses. Columnist Kathryn Dillon will cover safety issues to consider with roman shades, including an analysis of different head rail systems.

Also, watch for the next installment in our “Business Trials and Tribulations” series, James Holloway’s second “Business 101” column and much more.

Don’t miss our on critical advice for digital marketing, including what to look for when hiring someone to assist with digital marketing and how to take and edit great photos with your smartphone.

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