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NEW Teton Privacy Screen Shades from Insolroll

The Perfect Roller Shade Solution for Urban Living.

Solar screen shades have become a common solution for apartments, condos, dorms, & assisted living facilities. Solar screens provide the sun control, daytime privacy and open feeling desired in many projects, but fail to provide the privacy required for bedrooms and bathrooms. Insolroll’s new Teton Privacy Screen Fabric is perfectly positioned for this market, for both tenant and owner. Provide 3% or 5% solar screen shades in the living areas and provide privacy screens in the privacy areas – bedrooms and bathrooms.

Teton Offers Privacy for Multiple Dwelling Unit Living (MDUs)

  • Solar Screen woven for privacy— ½ % openness
  • Uniform exterior— 6 standard colors will match the most popular 3% & 5% solar screen fabrics in living areas.
  • Provides privacy from street level and nearby buildings while still allowing some light into room.

Teton Privacy Screen Shades Set the New Standard for the MDU Market

  • Durable shade fabric, easy to clean
  • FR— Meets NFPA 701 / California US Title 19
  • Antimicrobial
  • RoHS— lead free
  • GREENGUARD Gold and Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

Available with Insolroll’s Full Complement of Hardware & Operator Advantages

  • Clutch Shades with exclusive Metal Select Child Safe Chain Guide–wins projects for durability
  • Motorized solutions from simple radio to advanced digital control

Need More?

  • Our Commercial Fabric Collection
  • High Performance SilverScreen and E-Screen with KOOLBLACK fabric
  • Blackout fabric in 18 different patterns
  • 10 day production time on contract orders

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Insolroll Window Shading Systems
637 S. Pierce Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027
tel: 303.665.1207

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