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Coulisse links Sustainable Roller Blind Fabric Eco Essence to Trashpackers

Coulisse, global supplier of window coverings, links its 100% recycled roller blind fabric Eco Essence, which was introduced in 2018, to Trashpackers. This young platform contributes to a better world by activating backpackers to clean up trash around the world and to educate local communities. Coulisse will donate part of its turnover in sustainable roller blind fabric Eco Essence to Trashpackers. In doing so, Coulisse will increase the impact of its sustainable roller blind fabric.

Coulisse loves Trashpackers
In 2018, founder of Trashpackers, Tijmen Sissing from the Netherlands, went viral with videos he posted of the clean-ups he had organised on polluted beaches during his travels through South East Asia. Since then, he has been activating other backpackers around the world to help him achieve his mission: collect 100,000 bags of waste in one year. Coulisse learned about Trashpackers through local media. “Trashpackers is a great source of inspiration for us,” owner of Coulisse, Christiaan Roetgering explains. “The essence of our partnership is our shared motivation to contribute to a better, cleaner world by converting plastic waste into valuable products. By helping each other we can even increase our impact.” Coulisse will donate part of its Eco Essence turnover to Trashpackers.

Eco Essence: 30% less impact on the environment
Based on its mission to contribute to a better world, Coulisse develops alternatives for conventional roller blind fabrics made of polyester. Coulisse introduced Eco Essence during R+T 2018 in Stuttgart. The sustainable roller blind fabric is made of 100% recycled PET bottles and has the same natural texture and functional properties as roller blind fabrics made of non-recycled material. For one square meter of Eco Essence, 11 PET bottles are recycled. During production, 50% less energy and water is used compared to conventional polyester roller blind fabrics. Producing Eco Essence has 30% less impact on the environment. This ties in with Coulisse’s mission to raise the bar for the window coverings industry and to contribute to creating healthy, comfortable and sustainable indoor spaces. Eco Essence has won the American WCMA Product Award for Best Technical Innovation in the category Sustainability two years in a row. The fabric is suitable for both roller and panel blinds and available from stock. The sustainable roller blind fabric has a width of 280 cm and is available in seven timeless colours.

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