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Uni-Soleil Celebrates Excellence in OEM/ODM for the Window Blind Industry in Taiwan Since 1991

Through the years we have been committed and dedicated to the design and development of the window blind industry. Since 1991, Uni-Soleil has been devoted to the installations for plastic, alum profile, head/bottom rail, and 2D inspection machines in order to meet customer’s satisfaction.

Nowadays, we have a CNC Machine Center/Electric Discharge Machine for tooling and molding production. Uni-Soleil can supply the integrated process of design, molding, production, and quality control.

We have abundant experience in OEM/ODM services and in the development of high-quality components. We can create a new product according to your design or provide you with a solution from our R&D team to ensure you premium quality. This is supported by Uni-Soleil’s software and hardware of integrated processing.

Uni-Soleil is constantly putting efforts in to upgrade blind components. We are proud to bring you the most elegant, complete, and widest range of product lines in the world. Please contact Uni-Soleil for further information.

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