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Light & Privacy: The Insolroll Elements® Collection has the Translucent Roller Shades Your Customers Want

Translucent fabrics let natural light flow in without letting neighbors or passers-by see inside, which is why they are so popular in today’s design. For an understated yet “finished” look, Insolroll Elements Decorative Roller Shades in translucent fabrics are what your residential customers are looking for.

Insolroll offers 48 unique translucent fabric choices in 14 styles for privacy and light filtering

  • Illuminate with natural light
  • No view-through
  • Textures add visual interest
  • Roll neatly up and away
  • Simple, clean appearance becomes part of the architecture
  • Low maintenance, less dust

Also in the Insolroll Elements fabric collection: sheers, semi-sheers, decorative solar screens, and textured blackout fabrics.

What sets Insolroll Elements Apart?

  • Winners, not fillers—  Our curated collection features only fabrics that meet our rigorous standards and SELL
  • Wide widths—  92 unique fabrics in 26 styles 110” or wider
  • Insolroll Roller Shade Expertise—  We specialize in roller shades and have a proven track record
  • 5 day lead time (10 days for contract orders)

Become a dealer and give your customers what they really want!

Insolroll Window Shading Systems
637 S. Pierce Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

tel: 800.447.5534

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