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Coulisse Launches New Series of Exclusive Double Roller Blind Fabrics

Enter, the Netherlands, April 2017

For immediate release

In addition to its existing and extensive collection of double roller blinds fabrics, Coulisse, worldwide supplier of window coverings, introduces a range of new fabrics, all available from stock.

The new double roller blinds fabrics are characterized by an exclusive look and a subtle decorative feel and vary from tactile structures to soft shimmering metallics and from contemporary trend colors to timeless natural fabrics. Almost all new fabrics have a width of 280 cm which makes them very suitable for large windows. With the introduction of these fabrics, Coulisse offers exclusive new looks and styles for double roller blinds.

Tactile textures

Double roller blinds fabrics Leros and Egina both have a soft jacquard-woven structure. Fabric Leros has a special weaving pattern with tangible soft clouds and is available in five chic color tones. Due to the three-dimensionality of the pattern and the combination of shiny yarns and a matte wool texture, the fabric has a unique decorative effect. Fabrics Egina has a pattern of organic waves and is available in six soft natural shades.

New double roller blinds fabric Egina

Double roller blind fabric Thasos has a robust texture. This jacquard-woven fabric has an even weaving structure with a blended wool-look. The dark color palette in which this fabric is available underlines the powerful, masculine look and feel of the fabric.

Exclusive metallics
Due to their metallic look fabrics Kea and Spetses have an exclusive look. Its refined weaving texture gives fabric Kea a subtle glitter effect. Both fabrics are available in a palette of subdued precious metal colors, like gold, bronze, silver, copper and platinum.

New colors for 2018
For existing collection Zakynthos, Coulisse introduces a range of new colors, varying fromwarm natural colors to five stylish trend colors, including appealing shades like raspberry and petrol. With this new introduction, collection Zakynthos now includes over 30 colors, offering an unrivalled choice in colors!

Timeless natural

Double roller blind fabrics Patmos and Ikaria are inspired by nature. Both fabrics have a blended stripe effect with a bamboo-like look, which creates a pure atmosphere in the interior. A subtle silk shine gives the fabrics a chic touch. Both Patmos and Ikaria are available in an extensive number of natural color tones.

Sample cards now available
For all new collections sample cards are available.

Note for the editor

About Coulisse
Since its establishment in 1992, Coulisse has grown into an internationally leading
supplier of window coverings for both the DIY and made-to-measure market. The
innovative strength of Coulisse is shown and expressed in inspiring collections and
advanced system solutions. The complete Coulisse range offers customers endless
possibilities to be distinctive in the market and to meet the ever-changing demands of
end users.

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