Window Fashion VISION

FastTRACK Design Specialist Certification Program—On-Demand


This course includes eight recorded webinars and led by an expert instructor. Each session is tailored to suit your needs in a natural progression. Study and pass the test and you will be a Window Fashion Certified Professional Design Specialist. This program offers an easy, affordable and speedy way to market yourself as the go-to Certified Design Specialist in your area.  


Throughout the eight sessions, you’ll learn  

  • The History of Design as well as Principles and Elements of Design 
  • Bedding and Cushions, the different styles of each and how to measure for bedding 
  • The Anatomy of a window, the different types of Windows and the various styles of Hard Window coverings 
  • Soft Window Coverings – Looking at all the different types of fabric and lining and where they are used best 
  • Soft Window Coverings – Looking at all the different styles of headers for drapery as well as valance and roman shade styles 
  • Measuring For Windows, Yardage Calculation, “Details Behind the Design” book – an extremely easy way to figure out yardage for drapery, valances, bedding, roman shades, cushions, bench cushions, etc. as well as learning Window Treatment and Drapery Terminology 
  • Drapery Hardware – learning about all the different types of drapery hardware and the best application for each type 
  • Business Planning and Developing – things to consider when setting up your own Window Fashion Business 

 You will receive: 

  • Eight recorded lessons—1 to 1.5 hours each 
  • WFCP Design Specialist Certification Test ($175.00 value) 
  • Free subscription to Window Fashion VISION magazine 
  • Regular electronic news and information from Window Fashion VISION magazine 

And upon passing the certification test, you will receive:

  • WFCP Motorization Specialist Certification certificate
  • WFCP Appellation—WFCP Motorization Specialist
  • Press release template to share your success
  • Recognition on the Window Fashion VISION website (take out for now)
  • Recognition in Window Fashion VISION magazine.
  • Complimentary subscription to Window Fashion VISION magazine.
  • Complimentary access to the show floor at the next annual International Window Coverings EXPO live or virtual event.
  • Preferred pricing on select live and virtual events,
  • Discounted pricing to enter the annual VISION Design and Workroom competitions
  • And more…

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