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Epic Trends for 2017


In the Sept/Oct 2016 issue of Window Fashion Vision, we featured “Flukiness”, one of three trend themes from the 2017 MoOD “Epic” trend report. We’re currently working on “Wanderlust”, a trend report that includes elements from “Epic” and the 2017 Dunn-Edwards trend forecast, as well as integrating some of Deb Barrett’s fantastic inspirations for her 2017 “Wanderlust” showcase in Charlotte—so look for that in our Nov/Dec issue.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share the third element from the “Epic” report, a theme dubbed “Nearness.” This trend is a counter balance to the intrusive impact of technology, particularly in how it has encouraged the growth of self-service both on- and offline. “Nearness” is about finding and purchasing products that allow the buyer to have a personal connection with the creator or the store owner. Small talk, curatorial insight and authenticity are key—being able to say you “know the guy” that made a certain item is more meaningful than just being the first to find or acquire something.

This trend predicts the resurgence of brick-and-morter, individual proprietor retail, a future where proximity matters. “Nearness” incorporates both ethical and empathic consumerism—designing with local materials and from local traditions, using surfaces and techniques to tell a story. 

The “Nearness” color palette is based in nature-based mid-tones with a few icy pastels and a mysterious deep teal for balance.

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