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In our Nov/Dec issue, Trim Queen Jana Platina Phipps gave several examples of the trend she’s dubbed Maximalism, examples of modern baroque embellishments that appeals to our desire to decorate in a highly color and photogenic styles. Here are a couple of examples of this trend from opposite ends of the style spectrum.

The maximal mix in this master bedroom by Madcap Cottage designers John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon delights the eye as it travels from pattern to detail. It’s a perfect example of this effervescent design team’s rallying cry, “Hurrah, the era of the beige and boring is finally over and not a moment too soon! It’s all about bespoke chic, heaps of color and patterns, and interiors and furnishings that are anything but dull.

Pass an Aperol Spritz cocktail, throw on the floral pants, and meet us at The Greenbrier.” 

Kelly Wearstler embraces this blow-out aesthetic of leaving no surface unembellished. Her dramatic interiors are a rich, ebullient mix of pattern, fabrics, trims and surface textures, mixing vintage and modern upholstery. Photo via

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