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Celebrate Objections


Learn how to handle objections with ease and professionalism. 


Learn how to handle objections with ease and professionalism!

Objections aren’t the big bad wolf that we often see them be, so in this training, you’ll learn detailed approaches to handle the most common objections with ease and professionalism. We won’t just be telling you what to do, we’ll pull back the curtain to show you why you’re getting objections in the first place, what they REALLY mean to you and to your prospect, and how you can be ready for each and every one.

In this engaging training with Industry-leading Business Coach and Sales Trainer, Madeleine MacRae, you will:

  • Get clear on your feelings around objections once and for all!
  • Learn the truth about what objections are, where they come from and what they reveal to you
  • Discover powerful and easy-to-use tactical approaches to all of the most frequent objections you face in the field.  

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